Graveyard database – Satchu Pira zone

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Name Grave Number Born Died Frame Type
Leilabai Mohamed Satchu Pira W/O Abdulhussein M. Jaffer SP – 001 05.APR.1993 S
Hassan Muhamed Satchu Pira SP – 002 01 May 1918 16.AUG.1982 S
Sukainabai Abdulrasul Satchu Pira SP – 003 S
Sukainabai Mustafa Abdulrasul Satchu Pira SP – 004 27.SEP.1963 22.FEB.1983 S
Gulamali Abdulrasal Satchu Pira SP – 005 1898 17.JAN.1972 S
Shirinbai Gulamali Abdulrasul Satchu Pira SP – 006 1902 28.OCT.1973 S
Abdulrasul Satchu Pira SP – 007 1932 S
Mustafa Gulamali Abdulrasual Satchu Pira SP – 008 09.NOV.1928 04.NOV.2006 S
Abbas Mohamed Satchu Pira SP – 009 S
Mohamed Saleh Abdulrasul Satchu Pira SP – 010 1938 S
Turabali Gulamali Abdulrasul Satchu Pira SP – 011 19.MAY.1930 25.DEC.2006 S
Sherbanubai Noormohamed Satchu Pira SP – 012 1952 S
Raziyabai Gulamali Satchu Pira SP – 013 27.APR.1941 02.FEB.2011 S
Noormohamed Satchu Pira SP – 014 S
Abdullah Satchu Pira SP – 015 S
Fazal Satchu Pira SP – 016 S
Shanali Satchu Gulamali Abdulrasul Satchu Pira SP – 017 1948 1968 S
Muna Fidahussein Gulamali Abdulrasul Satchu Pira SP – 018 09.DEC.1951 28.APR.1996 S
Abdul Mohamed Satchu Pira SP – 019 17.JUN.1992 15.ZILHAJJ S
Mohammed Abdul Mohamed Satchu Pira SP – 020 S
Mohamedali Gulamali Abdulrasul Satchu Pira SP – 021 19.OCT.1923 28.NOV.1987 S
Zainabbai Ashikali Gulamali Satchu Pira D/O Mohamed Saleh Abdulrasul Satchu Pira SP – 022 20.JUL.1932 03.APR.2008 S
Fatmabai MohamedSaleh Abdulrasul Satchu Pira SP – 023 19.MAY.1910 07.MAR.1978 S
Fatmabai Mohamed Satchu Pira D/O Kassamali Panjwani SP – 024 27.DEC.1996 S
Mohamed Satchu Pira SP – 025 S
Habibi Satchu Pira SP – 027 S
Mohamed Bakir Gulamali Abdulrasul Satchu Pira SP – 028 12.FEB.1997 16.JUL.1979 S
Satchu Gulamali Abdulrasul Satchu Pira SP – 029 17.SEP.1920 27.NOV.1981 S
Fidahussein Gulamhussein Abdulrasul SP – 030 1922 04.MAY.1989 S
Munirabai Hanif Mohamed Bakir Abdulrasul Satchu Pira D/O Pyarali Andani SP – 031 01.APR.1964 14.NOV.1988 S
Shiranbai Hassan Mohamed Satchu Pira D/O Ibrahim Kassam SP – 032 28.APR.2000 S


  • Mohamed Yusuf Ebrahim

    My late father’s name on the grave and your database reads as YUSUF EBRAHIM K96. I had requested about a year ago to read as YUSUF EBRAHIM ESMAIL WALLI and was advised through email that it will be done. So far it has not happened. Could you please look into it and do the needful in the database as well as the grave. Please let me know. Thank you very much.

  • Br Mohamed
    Salaam Alaikum.

    We are in the process of changing all the plaques to make them one standard design. We are doing the changes batch-wise. We have already noted the changes you have requested.Once we do it then I will send you the pic of the same.

    Please use in the future for all the correspondences.

    With Salaams and Duas,


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