Entrepreneurship Workshop Update

Start Your Own Business Workshop

October 2nd, 2011, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Delhi Darbaar

The EEC organised its first ever Entrepreneurship Workshop on the 2nd of October at Delhi Darbaar. The day long workshop featured three prominent and successful entrepreneurs of our community; Br Munir Bharwani, Br Murtaza Nasser and Br Sheni Bandali. The workshop was hosted by Br Munir Bharwani who was also the key note speaker for the day.


The workshop started off with introductions of the participants and speakers over coffee and light snacks. After a quick summary on how the workshop will progress through the day, Br Murtaza Nasser started his presentation.

Br Murtaza covered the importance of record keeping and accounting in the success of a business.  A special emphasis was placed on service-oriented businesses. He also talked about how an entrepreneur can have a healthy work-life-religion balance in his/her life and its importance in the success of the entrepreneur and his/her business. Part of the presentation covered a motivational talk on perseverance and determination being the key to individual and societal success with examples from his earlier years. Br Murtaza’s presentation was very valuable to participants regardless of how far they were from starting up a business.

After the presentation there was a Q&A session where participants got to put forward their queries on the presentation and any other entrepreneurship related topics. As the Q&A drew to a close, participants were asked to write down their reasons for wanting to become entrepreneurs and the driving forces behind this choice.

There was quick coffee break followed by Br Sheni Bandali’s presentation. Br Sheni‘s presentation focused on the importance of adapting to change. He drew examples from his own business venture that he started from scratch and the reasons for its huge success. He also covered the importance of market research and creating a customer orientated environment in the business. The whole focus of this presentation was on the practical day to day managing of the business venture especially from a manufacturing industry point of view.

A Q&A session was held after the presentation where Br Sheni answered many questions participants had on the practical side of starting up and managing a business venture. As the Q&A drew to a close, the buffet lunch was being set up. Participants then took a lunch and prayer break, where after Salaah, a scrumptious buffet lunch was served. The lunch was a great opportunity for participants to network with each other and to get some one on one time with speakers.

After lunch, Br Munir began his presentation with a “carve out your future” assignment where participants were asked to picture what they wanted their life to be like in 2064 and how they were going to spend the next 52 years to make sure they got there. They were asked to carve out a career path that would lead them to the success they seek.

The rest of the presentation by Br Munir was just as interactive and hands on as the beginning. He went on to discuss entrepreneurial possibilities and business environment out there in Dar es Salaam and also Tanzania as a whole. Br Munir also spent a large portion of his presentation focusing on business plans and planning out entrepreneurial ventures. The key point brought up in each presentation throughout the day was “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” so Br Munir spent some time discussing how planning should take place.

The workshop ended with a closing speech from the chairman of the EEC, Br Hussein Dharsee who thanked everyone for making the workshop a success. He also went on to offer the EEC’s services to all participants throughout the course of their future entrepreneurial ventures.

The workshop was a huge success and the feedback received from participants and speakers was tremendous. The EEC would like to take this opportunity to thank the speakers for taking time out of their busy schedules and volunteering to help make this event successful. The EEC would also like to thank all participants for their high level of participation and enthusiasm during the workshop.