Mehfil Abbas / Asghari

The following is the new team for the term 2016-2018:

Building (Maintenance)

Jaffer Hirji – In charge

Akber Alarakhia – Assistant

Sajjad Rahim – Assistant

Naila Bai Rajan – Ladies Liaison


Mehfil Abbas (Operations)

Jaffer Hirji – Head

Akber Alarakhia – Secretary

Haider Rajpar

Sajid Walji

Neemat Chandoo

Sadiq Dewji

Zulfikar Ladha

Muzaffer Lalji

Mohamedabbas Rawji

Zainul Hasnain Alarakhia


Mehfil Asghari (Operations)

Murtaza Bhalloo – Secretary

Sajjad Rahim

Dr Hasnain Mohamedali


The Mehfil facilitates hiring of the 3rd Floor and the Terrace for the members of the community for private functions.

Click here to downloard mehfil abbas hall hire agreement

The rates for hiring of the halls for ONE day is as follows:

3rd Floor – Tshs. 500,000

3rd Floor with AC – additional Tshs 250,000

3rd Floor with Food served at the site – additional Tshs. 200,000

Terrace – Tshs. 550,000


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