Our activities Include:

* Live Telecast through the website, www.ksijdar.org/mediaroom

* Relaying of translations of Dua e Tawassul on Tuesdays and Dua e Kumail and Ziarate Waaritha on Thursdays.

* Relaying of Friday Sermons.

* Relaying of programmes at Mehfile Abbas(a.s.) - Mediaroom has also facilities of cameras, projectors and screens there and controlled independetely.

* Presentations of Duas and Amaals during Muharram, Ramadhan and others months.

* Co-ordinating with other jamaats to setup presentations by providing them duas and amaals CDs. For example, We initiated and setup the presentations in Moshi Jamaat through one of our members, Muhammad Shaban and we also donated a screen for them.

* Video transmission to Mosque and Imambargah during various programmes of various jamaat sections like CHB, IULS and others.

* Transmission of Nikah ceremony

* Co-ordinating with IBN for live transmission for some programmes.

The Mediaroom was covered in the Grand Openining Documentary DVD

How is the instant visual relaying is done?

Many who have visited the mediaroom have commented that they had thought the visual translations are automatic to match the wordings of the recitor. This is not so, as it is important to match the wordings of the recitor to what is relayed on the screen and this cannot be possible if the speed vary or otherwise.

The mediaroom operates with the involvement of two to three committed persons who need to control the mediaroom by changing the translation paragraphs to match what is recited.

Softwares used include Microsoft office especially powerpoint.

How Arabic was introduced in the translations?

Initially, the translations were in english only and this was making it difficult for the operators to show what is in the screen to what is being recited. One of their members, Muhammad Shaban got this idea of having arabic together with the english translations and he found out some of such powerpoint presentations from the web while others were provided by Abdul Datoo and while others were made by Media Room team themselves.

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