General: Mahe Muharram 1439

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Mahe Muharram 1439

Daily Program from Thursday 21st September, 2017 upto 7th Night of Muharram

Karbala Project
7:00 PM Marsia, Majlis

Mehfile Abbas (a.s.) - for Gents only
7:30 PM Hadise Kisaa, Marsia, Majlis in Gujarati by Sheikh Mukhtar Abbas Vasaya from UK

Imambargha - for Gents and Ladies
7:30 PM Marsia, Majlis in English / Urdu by Mulla Safder Jaffer from UK

Mehfile Asghary (a.s.)
4:30 PM Quran Recitation, Marsia, Majlis

Kabrastan - for Gents only
4:45 PM Sura e Yasin, Marsia, Majlis


Morning Majlises
10:15 AM Majlis at Mehfile Abbas (a.s.)

Evening Majlises
4:45 PM Majlis at Imambargha




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