Central Board of Education

The new committee for the term 2016-2018 is as follows:

Imtiaz Lalji – Chairman

Shakil Dharamsi – Vice Chairman

Husein Datoo – Hon Secretary

Mahmood Ladak – Treasurer

Murtadha Mukhtar – Member

Mohammed Karim – Member

MohamedAsgher shivji – Member

ImtiyazAbbas Rehan – Member


Website: www.almuntazir.org


Other details:

CBE Central Office:
+255 22 2150161 – 0687 707254 (Admin Dept) / 0688 390578 (Finance Dept)
Al Muntazir Islamic Seminary:
+255 22 2153422 (Boys Wing) / 2150159 (Girls Wing) –  0716629676 (Boys Wing) / 07546323940 (Girls Wing)
Al Muntazir Boys Primary School:
+255 22 2112768 – 0688928271
Al Muntazir Girls Primary School:
+255 22 2150822 – 0788709299
Al Muntazir Union Nursery School:
+255 22 2150268 – 0716491831 / 0682068054
Al Muntazir Toddlers & Day Care Centre:
+255 22 2152361 – 0789451145
Al Muntazir Special Education Needs:
+255 22 2150161 – 0717 723449
A³ Institute of Professional Studies:
+255 22 2152167 – 0655/777-026923

P. O. Box 21735

CBE Central Officeinfo@almuntazir.org
Al Muntazir Islamic Seminaryprincipalalmis@almuntazir.org
Al Muntazir Boys Primary Schoolprincipalbps@almuntazir.org
Al Muntazir Girls Primary Schoolprincipalgps@almuntazir.org
Al Muntazir Union Nursery Schoolprincipaluns@almuntazir.org
Al Muntazir Toddlers & Day Care Centre unstoddlers@almuntazir.org
Al Muntazir Special Education Needsspecialneeds@almuntazir.org
A³ Institute of Professional Studiesinfo@a3.ac.tz

The CBE Central Office is located on Charambe Street, Off UN Road near Salendar Bridge.

One comment

  • I live in Canada and I want to learn Kutchi. I was wondering if you had someone who might be able to translate 40 short stories [in present tense] that are in English to Kutchi. I am not able to find any Kutchi learning materials or courses or tutors. I am thinking that by listening to these simple stories/phrases numerous times I will be able to learn the language.

    The stories are around 4 minutes each on average and would be a good project for a youth. I am willing to pay $5.00 per story translation. Total will be $200CDN. [not bad for 160minutes of work]

    Would you be able to find me someone in your community. I can give you more information if I get a favorable reply from you.

    Thank you.

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