Dar Es Salaam Volunteers Recognized

On the 29th night of Mahe Mubarak Ramadhan, the Dar es Salaam Managing Committee recognized all the volunteers of different fields for their sincere service to the community.

Here below is group of young boys of the MOHR SERVICE team headed by Br. Imtiyaz Abbas being awarded by the Vice President, AlHaj Dr. Jaffer Dharsee.


Br. Mohamedabbas Rawji, chairman of Tabligh Sub-Committee receiving award on behalf of the team by Br. Mohamedtaqi Rajwani, a long serving member of the Jamaat, currently in the Board of Trustees.IMG-20150724-WA0013

Br. Mohamed Chandoo, the chairman of IUVC and Br. Rizwan Shivji were awarded on behalf of their team.IMG-20150724-WA0019

Br. Shiraz Visram, the chairman of Task Force, recognized on behalf of the security team. He was awarded by the former Hon. Secretary of Jamaat, Br. Zulfikar Chandoo.


Br. Sajjad Rahim honored on behalf of Mehfil Asghari committee by the President of the Jamaat.IMG-20150724-WA0032

Br. Fayaz Mohamedtaqi, chairman of Central Medical Board, receives an award on behalf of the medical team by the Vice President, Dr. Jaffer Dharsee.IMG-20150724-WA0034

Br. Talib Shariff awarded by the President on behalf of Marriage Support Group.IMG-20150724-WA0035

Br. Riyaz Bhojani recognized on behalf of Marriage Reconciliation Team by the Vice President.IMG-20150724-WA0036

Br. Shabbir Moledina and Br. Nadeem Khimji awarded on behalf of the Taabut committee.IMG-20150724-WA0038

Br. Hozaiph Bhalloo honored on behalf of the Mosque committee by the President of the Africa Federation, AlHaj Anwerali Dharamsi.IMG-20150724-WA0040

Br. Aunali Dhalla awarded on behalf of the Kabrastan committee by the Chairman of Africa Federation.IMG-20150724-WA0043

May the Almighty reward all those who serve this community abundantly !!!


During the school break Hayaat team took the pleasure in entertaining your kids with fun packed activities.

The activity took place at Hayaat Fitness Centre Shia Mosque, 3rd Floor on Monday 15th Sept -20th Sept 2014.Kids aged girls from 4years to 11years & boys aged 4years to 8 years, time 9:00am-12:00pm & 3:00pm-5:00pm. Boys above the age of 8years joined our evening session from 5:30pm onwards


The following were the activities with the pictures:

  • ART & CRAFT :

Though it was an expensive activity but an exciting one too, kids were able to express and apply creative skills and their imagination through visualization such as painting, drawing, coloring and much more. The kids loved this activity.

j    k



Our assistant manager, Mrs. Saeeda Jaffer came up with a unique activity that the kids thoroughly enjoyed. This activity and were always supervised by our trainer Athumani along with atleast 2 volunteers on standby. The kids loved and enjoyed his interpersonal and kid friendly personality


BADMINTON This team sports was an introduction to our kids who unfortunately have had very limited exposure to this kind of activity. With a unique ball designed for indoor tennis this was a sweat breaking activity with a lot of enthusiasm from the kids. Badminton was a popular activity too.



Designed to stretch and sweat the young energetic bodies of our youths, this activity was conducted by a professional trainer. Although very beneficial to the bodies, the kids had to be persuaded to embrace this energetic and blood pumping activity.



Again, a beneficial exercise that took a little persuasion from the kids to enjoy this extreme stretching activity. It will take a few more sessions for the kids to fully understand the benefits and joy of this centuries old meditation technique.


All in all the kids had a rip-roaring fun time. It was suspected that the parents had even a better time enjoying their kid’s exhaustion when they got home, ate a hearty meal and went straight to bed! Parents have repeatedly asked us for more of these sessions and Hayat Fitness Centre is dedicated to provide many more quality sessions of these kind.

Included are pictures of our kids enjoying this treat by their parents. The finale of this camp was on the last Saturday where the kids thoroughly enjoyed a party served with donuts from MotoMoto!



World Federation president, Alhajj Dr. Asgher Moledina visits Dar-es-salaam

On Tuesday, 11th February, the president of the World Federation Alhajj Dr. Asgher Moledina visited the facilities of Dar-es-salaam Jamaat with their president, Alhajj Shiraz Bhai Walji.

On a whirlwind tour, the delegation first visited the Autistic center operated by the Central Board of Education (CBE). Currently there are 40 students enrolled and a waiting list of 15 additional students. The delegation had a discussion with Dr. Nafisa who trains the teachers and counsels the parents on the requirements of special needs children. There is a huge demand for approximately 200 children and adequate resources will be required including property expansion, special needs teachers and other resources.

The delegation proceeded to view the newly opened grand swimming pool at the Al-Muntazir grounds. Dr. Moledina was impressed at the grandeur of the swimming pool and was pleased with the result of the part donation of WF funds of $50,000 and felt that it was well spent.

Pool Union Sports Club 011


Alongside the swimming pool is a huge plot that is earmarked for the upcoming recreation center that will have multiple indoor sporting facilities. The WF has pledged an additional $50,000 towards this project. A drive is in motion to collect funds for this ambitious project.



The Al-Muntazir complex which educates 4200 students was then toured by the delegation followed by the afternoon prayers.



The delegation then proceeded to the newly renovated Ebrahim Haji Hospital. This was followed by a tour of the newly purchased old people’s home that the WF has donated a $100,000 towards.

The delegation was then shown the Uhuru project site where the old building was recently demolished to make way for a 15 floor apartment complex, complete with parking spaces and a mini mall at the ground floor.


Dr. Moledina was then given a tour of the Amersi Mawji building complex, another 15 floor apartment building that has recently been completed to accommodate members of Dar-es-salaam Jamaat.

Finally Dr. Moledina was given tour of the A3 institution for higher learning which has recently been granted ISO 9001 certification.. The delegation was briefed on the courses offered by the A3 which includes but not limited to education, Nursing and allied services, Journalism and Media services and other short courses. The vision for building  a university to serve the higher education needs was discussed.

8                                6



Dr. Moledina was appreciative of the efforts of the KSIJ Dar to accomplish so many developments to progress the well-being of its members. Dr. Moledina has also pledged a concerted effort to raise funds for the remaining projects.


Mahe Muharram 1435

Inshallah majalis will begin from Monday night (4th November) for ladies and gents at the Imambargah.

Daily programme up to the 9th night of Mahe Muharram

Mehfil-e-Abbas (a.s)

7:45   to    8:00pm     Hadise Kissa/ Marsiya

8:00   to    8:30pm     Majlis in Gujurati by visiting scholar Sheikh Mustafa Moledina from Reunion.


8:35   to    8:50pm     Marsiya

8:50   onwards           Lecture in English by visiting scholar Sheikh Mohamedabbas Panju from United

Kingdom & Majlis in Urdu by Syed Meraj Hussein of Morogoro.


Gents majalis will be displayed on the screens at Imambargah and the prayer mosque (ground floor)

Daily majalis for boys at Mehfil-e-Asghari at 4:30pm starting Monday.

Daily evening majalis at Kabrastan starting from Tuesday at 4:45pm

Nyaz will be served from 5th Muharram, Saturday 9th Nov


Ladies majlis

Morning majalis at Mehfil-e-Abbas (a.s) starting Tuesday at 10:15am by Sis Tahera Kassamali from Toronto

Evening majalis at Imambargah starting Monday at 4:30pm

Night majalis as per schedule above.


Polite request to all mumineen

–          Please offer chair facilities to the elderly, sick & handicapped.

–          Please co-operate and follow instructions froms IUVC and Task force volunteers.

–          Parking slots on Indira Gandhi street reserved for elderly, sick & handicapped.

–          Please avoid smoking in the mosque compound.

–          Please drop your paper plates in the trash cans after eating nyaz.

–          All parents are requested to assist in taking special care for their children.

–          Mobile phones to be switched off or kept on silent during majalises.












Haanee Hirji

Aqeel Meghji




Akil H. Ahmed

Anver Alidina




Aliasgher N. Dossa

Ejaz H. Bhalloo




Hasnain R.Rattansi

Muhammad Akmal




Mukhtar Damji

Hozaiph Bhalloo




Maisam Hussein Versi

Shaneabbas Visram




Aqeel Abbas Balouch

Aliasgher Meghji
Shakeel Sheriff




Aqeel Janmohamed
Moh’djawaad Bandeali
Aliasgher Meghji

Mohamedraza Saleh
Asgher Alidina
Maitham Rajwani




Zohaib Kanji
Sameer Haidershah

Hasnain Rattansi
Hasnain Bhimani

Ashura Night



Alihassan Kassam

Meesam Bandali

11th (S/Ghariba)



Nasir Karim
Abbas Walji

Jaffer Raza




Mohamedhassan Lakha

Fadhil Alishaan

1. All the above dates can change subject to sighting of the moon.
2. In case the recitor is not available, he should contact Br. Sadiq Dewji.
3. The recitor should be near the mic atleast 10 minutes before time.









1st Mon 4th Nov Aliraza Virani                       -Mehfil-e-Asghari group Mulla Raza Mamdani
Alisgher Dossa
Shahid Rattansi
Fazleabbas Rashid
Akber Damji
2nd Tue 5th Nov Ali Bhalloo                            – Mehfil-e-Asghari group Mahmood Dhirani
Maisam Karim
Kumayl Gangji
Sameer Mehrshah                       – Husseini Madressa
Anwer Alidina
3rd Wed 6th Nov Sohail Fazal                          – Mehfil-e-Asghari group Syed Murtaza Hussein
Shoib Datoo
Baqir Virani
Maisam Rajwani
Saleh Jacksi
4th Thu 7th Nov Mehdi Gulam                                   – Mehfil-e-Asghari Hasnain Alidina
Mohammedjaffer Rashid
Mukhtar Damji
5th Fri 8th Nov Mohdhussein Khimji        – Mehfil-e-Asghari group Ejaz Bhalloo
Mazaher Gulamhussein Mohammedali Akmal
Rizwan Datoo
Aliabbas Hameer
Hussein Fazal
Sadik Rajvani
6th Sat 9th Nov Mazaher Nayani                              – Mehfil-e-Aaghari Mulla Akeel Datoo
Aliraza Amin Naved Ali
Maisam Nazerali Syed Hassan Shah
Hussein Mehdi Bandali Hasnain Bhimani
Nassir Karim
7th Sun 10th Nov Hussein Rajani Hasnein Mehdi
Abbas Teja Maisam Versi
Mulla Fidahussein Murji Aliasgher Jivraj
Mohibhusein Bharwani
8th Nov Mon 11th Nov Anwer Kermali Mohamed Kermali (Kamu)
Abbas Walji Syed Nazim Rizvi
Gulamabbas Datoo Masoud Riyaz Rizvi
Aliraza Karim Mohamedjawad Jaffer
Hannee Hirji
Abbas Sachoo
9th Tue 12th Nov Zishan Raja Aliasgher Meghji
Mustafa Jacksi Aliabid Muraj
Murtaza Sachoo Zoheb Kanji
Abbas Surami
10th Wed 13th Nov Aqeel Baluch Ali Chandoo
Mohamed Somji Mohamedjawad Bandali
Haider Gulamali Irfan Dhirani
Shaneabbas Visram


10th Day Thu 14th Nov Alijawad Manji Sadiq Dewji
Sajjad Baluch Mulla Mohamed Saleh
Jaffer Raza Abbas Surami
Maisam Bandali Mohamed Sachoo
Shakeel Sheriff Aliasgher Meghji
Imran Dhalla
Sadik Dewji


11th Thu 14th Nov Mubarak Jaffer Mohammed Peera
Murtaza Jivraj Hasnain Raza Manji
Munawwer Hasham Imran Chaudry
Mohsin Raza Maisam Nayani
Syed Hassan Rizvi
Ali Fazal
12th Fri 15th Nov Mohammedali Versi Afzal Peera
Please Note:
Recitors must be there on time and respect the time alloted. Please make yourself easy accessible.
In case you are unable to recite, please inform the mukhi or any committee members urgently.



On the 5th of October, 2013 the KSIJ Dar in conjunction with the World Federation and Africa Federation had organized a training session at the Men’s Imambargah to assist our volunteers, the JAMSA students and medical staff, on how to use the AED in the event of an emergency.

AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is a portable device that checks the heart rhythm. If needed, it can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The World Federation donated not only 1 AED unit to the KSI Jamaat but also organized Dr. Mohamed Peera of Toronto, Canada (originally from Dar-es-salaam) to conduct a demonstration on using the AED unit as well as provide other training to those interested for emergency first aid chest compression and airway (CPR), Dr. Peera brought along a mannequin donated by WF with him for demonstration.

The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. After which Dr. Peera was welcomed to enlighten us more on the AED unit. He explained to us on the how to use the machine step by step by physically demonstrating it for us on the mannequin.  A number of questions were asked by the audience present and were also given the opportunity to try demonstrating it. Overall, the program was a huge success with participants acquiring practical knowledge and a sense of accomplishment in serving the community in the future. A list of these participants will be posted along with their duties to be on call during our functions at the mosque and the Mehfil.

Our President, Shiraz P. Walji was also present and he expressed his gratitude to  Dr. Peera for coming here and educating us more on the this gadget, that will help us make a difference when in time of an emergency.

20131005_141436      20131005_142744


IMG_2082     IMG_2083     IMG_2084

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