During the school break Hayaat team took the pleasure in entertaining your kids with fun packed activities.

The activity took place at Hayaat Fitness Centre Shia Mosque, 3rd Floor on Monday 15th Sept -20th Sept 2014.Kids aged girls from 4years to 11years & boys aged 4years to 8 years, time 9:00am-12:00pm & 3:00pm-5:00pm. Boys above the age of 8years joined our evening session from 5:30pm onwards


The following were the activities with the pictures:

  • ART & CRAFT :

Though it was an expensive activity but an exciting one too, kids were able to express and apply creative skills and their imagination through visualization such as painting, drawing, coloring and much more. The kids loved this activity.

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Our assistant manager, Mrs. Saeeda Jaffer came up with a unique activity that the kids thoroughly enjoyed. This activity and were always supervised by our trainer Athumani along with atleast 2 volunteers on standby. The kids loved and enjoyed his interpersonal and kid friendly personality


BADMINTON This team sports was an introduction to our kids who unfortunately have had very limited exposure to this kind of activity. With a unique ball designed for indoor tennis this was a sweat breaking activity with a lot of enthusiasm from the kids. Badminton was a popular activity too.



Designed to stretch and sweat the young energetic bodies of our youths, this activity was conducted by a professional trainer. Although very beneficial to the bodies, the kids had to be persuaded to embrace this energetic and blood pumping activity.



Again, a beneficial exercise that took a little persuasion from the kids to enjoy this extreme stretching activity. It will take a few more sessions for the kids to fully understand the benefits and joy of this centuries old meditation technique.


All in all the kids had a rip-roaring fun time. It was suspected that the parents had even a better time enjoying their kid’s exhaustion when they got home, ate a hearty meal and went straight to bed! Parents have repeatedly asked us for more of these sessions and Hayat Fitness Centre is dedicated to provide many more quality sessions of these kind.

Included are pictures of our kids enjoying this treat by their parents. The finale of this camp was on the last Saturday where the kids thoroughly enjoyed a party served with donuts from MotoMoto!