Dar-es-salaam hosts the Forum and The 75th Supreme Council Session of the Africa Federation

The KSI Jamaat of Dar-es-Salaam, our largest Jamaat on the mainland Africa successfully hosted the Africa Federation Forum – ‘Vision for the Future’ and the 75th Supreme Council Session on 2nd and 3rd May 2014 at the Imambargha in Dar es Salaam.

Both the Sessions were well attended by about 130 participants from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, and also from Madagascar and Reunion Territorial Councils. Number of invitees came from different parts of Mainland Africa, India, U.S.A. and from the United Kingdom; among the attendees were the President of the World Federation, Dr. Asgarali Moledina, the Peterborough Jamaat President, Alhaj Razahussein Rahim, and Alhaj Ali Hasnain Dosani, the CHB Representative in Ahmedabad, India.

The Trustees of the Africa Federation from Kenya (Alhaj Sultan Molu & Alhaj Ebrahim Jaffer), Uganda (Alhaj Ebrahim Kassam & Alhaj Mohamed Manji) and Tanzania (Alhaj Mehboob Versi & Alhaj Mushtak Fazel) were also present at the Sessions.

This Session held on Friday 2nd May 2014 was attended by large number of Councillors and Invitees from several Jamaats of the Africa Federation and some from overseas.

The Forum composed of presentation of three Papers, Question and Answer Session on the Papers presented followed by Workshops that came up with recommendations which were presented at the 75th Supreme Council Session on the following day.


  • Vision to the Future – Creating Sustainable Development by Alhaj Murtaza Nasser from Dar-es-Salaam.
  • Preparing for our future generation – Volunteerism, Diversity and Inclusion by Alhaj Mujtaba Datoo from United States of America
  • The Current Global Challenges & Religious Tensions by Alhaj Murtaza Jaffer from Arusha

At the Workshop, participants had to critically examine and analyze various scenarios and come up with two top most challenges per paper. The participants were split into six groups with each group focusing on one challenge and to bring up two recommendations which were to be presented at the 75th Supreme Council Session.

The recommendations from the groups were presented at the Supreme Council Session, and were deliberated by the Councillors; it was a step forward to start working decisively on them. Since some of the challenges were affecting the community globally, the Secretariat took up the matter with the World Federation who will work in partnership with the Regional Federations to ensure appropriate and swift action are taken on the recommendations, that are of a global nature, the rest will be for the Africa Federation.


The Formal Opening of the Supreme Council Session was held on Friday night with the recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an by Br. Maisam Versi followed by opening address delivered by the Convenor of the Organizing Committee, Br. Farhan Yusuf who also introduced his team of volunteers comprised of youth of Dar es Salaam Jamaat.

The President of Dar-es-Salaam Jamaat, Alhaj Shiraz Walji, then gave his welcome address which was followed by a Keynote address from the Chairman of the Africa Federation, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi, thereafter and the President of the World Federation Alhaj Dr. Asgarali Moledina addressed the august body.

Alhaj Navazaly Molou, Chairman of Conseil Régional Des Khojas Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamates De L.Océan Indien  (CROI) and Alhaj Amine Nassor Chairman of the Union Des Associations Khodjas Shia Isnashri De La Reunion (UAKSIR) delivered their addresses and a brief report of the activities carried out by their respective Territorial Councils in Madagascar and Reunion Islands.


The Chairman, Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi presented Murrabi Ebrahimbhai Kassam with the Chairman’s Appreciation Award for his long, dedicated and selfless services to the Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa. The presentation to the long serving AFED Trustee of Uganda raised deep emotions as Murrabi Ebrahimbhai expressed his gratitude for the recognition by the Africa Federation and thanked the august body for the honour.

Similarly, Presidential Awards were presented to the three Forum Presenters in recognition of their outstanding and invaluable services, dedication and commitment to the development of Africa Federation. They are: Alhaj Murtaza Bashir Nasser, Alhaj Murtaza Hassan Ali M. Jaffer and Alhaj Mujtaba Hussein Datoo.


The Session Agenda included the presentation and adoption of the Accounts, Minutes, Resolutions and the Board Reports for the year.

The Terms of Reference for the renamed Economic and Housing Development Board were adopted by the Session.

The Secretariat and the Boards presented reports for the year May 2013 – March 2014. Questions from the Councillors were responded by the presenters. Similarly, comments and recommendations were taken down.

Details of the reports were sent out electronically to the Councillors and each participant was provided with a folder containing the annual reports, as under:-

  1. Secretariat and Economic Development – Aunali Khalfan
  2. Archives Section – Hussein Datoo
  3. Capacity Building Group (CBG) – Sameer Kermalli
  4. Recommendations from the Forum – Kumail Manji
  5. Audited Accounts, Budgets and Trust Board Report – Mohamed Hemani
  6. Tabligh Board (AFTAB) – Seyed Hassan Naqvi
  7. Women’s Board – Sister Fatim Somji
  8. Sports Council – Mahmood Somji
  9. Education Board (EB) and MAMAS – Samir Habib
  10. Central Health Board (CHB) – Farhan Yusuf
  11. Central Bilal Board (CBB) – Mohsin A. Lalji
  12. Regional Bilal Muslim Missions – Mujtaba Peera/Mumtazhussein Alloo/Inayat Alidina
  13. Africa Youth Network (AYN) – Muntazir Meghji
  14. Editorial Board – Shakeel Sheriff.

The Councillors also deliberated on the Resolutions presented by the Regional Federation to the World Federation for presentation at the World Federation Conference.

We are very grateful to the KSI Jamaat of Dar es Salaam for hosting the Supreme Council Session, the Organizing Committee of the 75th Supreme Council Session, the volunteers and all those who assisted in the successful organization of the two days Supreme Council Session.

We are also thankful to the three Presenters, for extending their support and for producing well structured, informative and educative papers for the Forum.

To the Chairmen of the AFED Boards, we are very grateful for the wonderful work and for submission of the annual reports and in participating in the Sessions.

We wish to thank all the Councillors, AFED Trustees, and Invitees for their attendance, participation and for their contributions in the deliberations during the Sessions.











KSIJ Sabodo Car Park Grand Opening Ceremony

On Sunday the 18th May, 2014, the Honourable Minister, Mark Mwandosya along with the chairman of World Federation Alhajj Asger Moledina, the chairman of Africa Federation, Alhajj Anwer Dharamsi and of course the President of KSIJ Dar, Alhajj Shiraz Walji participated in the grand opening ceremony of the KSIJ Sabodo Car Park.

The well-organized event was attended by several hundred invitees. Amongst the Honourable guests were the donors of the car park, Mustafa Sabodo and Shiraz Jessa. The Mayor of Ilala district, Honourable Jerry Sla was also present.

The event highlighted the ultra-modern car park facilitated for community members attending the mosque functions and community members residing and working in the Central Business District where car parking facilities are in very high demand.

The handsome building impressed all the guests with its 8 floors of 162 parking slots. The building also accommodates several shops on the ground floor along with an ultra-modern kitchen facility and Ghusl Khana. The top 2 floors are reserved for office space.

The organizing committee led by Alhajj Arif Hassanali Dhirani did an outstanding job of accommodating all the guests and visitors and conducting the entire ceremony with aplomb. Our photographer has compiled some of the moments below. Enjoy.


KSIJ Sabodo Car Park 130

KSIJ Sabodo Car Park 321

KSIJ Sabodo Car Park 240


KSIJ Sabodo Car Park 161

KSIJ Sabodo Car Park 336

KSIJ Sabodo Car Park 381

KSIJ Sabodo Car Park 60

KSIJ Sabodo Car Park 328

KSIJ Sabodo Car Park 473

KSIJ Dar recognizes top performers of 1st Quran Hifdh Drive 2014

Alhajj Shiraz Bhai Walji was delighted to present the top performers of the 1st Quran Hifdh 2014 in Dar-es-salaam on 13th Rajab, 2014.

Amongst the top performer was 10 year old Mohamedkamaal Zahir Somji who impressed the judges with his remarkable Hifdh abilities managing to pass 4 levels of the Hifdh competition. Mohamedkamaal mastered levels 1, 3, 4 and 5.

Br. Shakir Moledina aged 23, posted an outstanding performance and was the only participant to successfully complete all 5 levels. Mohamed Bhanji aged 26 mastered 4 levels while Nayaab Parmar from the ladies was impressive at mastering 4 levels at the tender age of 14. Amongst the other top performers in ladies were Tasnim Kermali and Zakiya Gulamhussein mastering 4 levels.

Altogether there were 85 gents registered and 139 ladies of whom 78 gents qualified while 127 qualified on the ladies side. Only 3 gents and 3 ladies qualified for the 4 levels and only 2 gents qualified for the 5th level while there were no ladies qualified for all the 5 levels.

Shiraz Bhai Walji, the president of Dar-es-salaam Jamat was ecstatic about the entire drive during the presentation ceremony and commended the effort by the Tabligh board to hold such competitions which encourage Quran recitation as well as highlight the immense talent amongst our youths and adults.

Shakil Bhai Dharamsi, the chairman of the Tabligh board of Dar-es-salaam Jamaat was profoundly moved by the accomplishment of all the participants as this was no easy accomplishment! The levels required the mastery as follows:

Level Suras
1 Sura 114 to Sura 95 (Naas to Teen)
2 Sura 94 to Sura 85 (Inshirah – Burooj)
3 Sura 84 to Sura 78 (Inshiqaaq – Naba)
4 Sura 77 to Sura 73 (Mursalat – Muzzammil)
5 Sura 72 to Sura 67 (Jinn – Mulk)


The Dar-es-salaamJamaat is grateful to all the participants, organizers and the donors who made this possible by encouraging all the participants to be well awarded the sum of $50 per level accomplished.

The Africa Federation As Salaam Ladies Sports Festival

The Secretariat is pleased to inform that the 5th AFED Ladies Sports Festival dubbed ‘As Salaam Ladies Sports Festival’ was successfully concluded in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania during the Easter Holidays. The Festival commenced with a grand Opening Ceremony on Thursday 17th April 2014, and on Sunday, 20th April 2014 the Closing Ceremony was marked spectacularly with various entertaining activities and recognitions to the participants and winners.
Arusha, Dar-es-Salaam, Mombasa, Mwanza and Nairobi, Jamaats participated in the Festival.

Following are the results of the various games played during the Festival.




Runners Up

Winners (Juniors 11-15) Dar es Salaam Mombasa
Winners (Seniors 16+) Mombasa Dar es Salaam Team 1


Throw ball


Runners Up

Winners (Juniors 11-15) Dar es Salaam Arusha
Winners (Seniors 16+) Dar es Salaam Team 1 Dar es Salaam Team 2




Runners Up

Winners (Juniors 11-15) Dar es Salaam Nairobi
Winners (Seniors 16+) Mombasa Dar es Salaam Team 1




Runners Up

Winners (Juniors 11-15) Dar es Salaam Team 1 Dar es Salaam Team 2
Winners (Seniors 16+) Dar es Salaam Team 1 Dar es Salaam Team 2


Table Tennis


Runners Up

Winners (Juniors 11-15) Mombasa Mombasa
Winners (Youth 16-24) Dar es Salaam Team 2 Dar es Salaam Team 1
Winners (Seniors 25+) Dar es Salaam Nairobi Team 1




Runners Up

Winners (Juniors 11-15) Arusha Dar es Salaam
Winners (Youth 16-24) Dar es Salaam Mombasa
Winners (Seniors 25+) Dar es Salaam Arusha




Runners Up

Winners (Juniors 11-15) Dar es Salaam Team 2 Dar es Salaam Team 1
Winners (Youth 16-24) Arusha Dar es Salaam
Winners (Seniors 25+) Arusha Dar es Salaam


Swimming-22 M Freestyle


Runners Up

22 M Freestyle Winner
(Juniors 11-15)
Arusha Mombasa
22 M Freestyle Winner
(Youth 16-24)
Dar es Salaam Mombasa
22 M Freestyle Winner
(Seniors 25+)
Dar es Salaam Mombasa


Swimming-22 M Breaststroke


Runners Up

22 M Breaststroke Winner (Juniors 11-15) Arusha Arusha
22 M Breaststroke Winner (Youth 16-24) Mombasa Dar es Salaam
22 M Breaststroke Winner (Seniors 25+) Dar es Salaam Mombasa


Swimming-22 M Backstroke


Runners Up

22 M Backstroke Winner
(Juniors 11-15)
Mombasa Arusha
22 M Backstroke Winner
(Youth 16-24)
Dar es Salaam Mombasa
22 M Backstroke Winner (Seniors 25+) Dar es Salaam Mombasa


Swimming-44 M Freestyle


Runners Up

44 M Freestyle Winner
(Juniors 11-15)
Mombasa Arusha
44 M Freestyle Winner
(Youth 16-24)
Mombasa Dar-es-Salaam
44 M Freestyle Winner
(Seniors 25+)
Mombasa Dar-es-Salaam


Swimming-44 M Breaststroke


Runners Up

44 M Breaststroke Winner (Juniors 11-15) Arusha Arusha
44 M Breaststroke Winner (Youth 16-24) Mombasa Dar-es-Salaam
44 M Breaststroke Winner (Seniors 25+) Dar-es-Salaam Mombasa
Swimming-44 M Backstroke Winners Runners Up
44 M Backstroke Winner
(Juniors 11-15)
Mombasa Arusha
44 M Backstroke Winner
(Youth 16-24)
Mombasa Dar-es-Salaam
44 M Backstroke Winner (Seniors 25+) Mombasa Dar-es-Salaam


Swimming-88 M Freestyle


Runners Up

88 M Freestyle Winner
(Juniors 11-15)
Arusha Arusha
88 M Freestyle Winner
(Youth 16-24)
Mombasa Dar es Salaam
88 M Freestyle Winner
(Seniors 25+)
Mombasa Dar es Salaam


Swimming-88 M Breaststroke


Runners Up

88 M Breaststroke Winner (Juniors 11-15) Arusha Mombasa
88 M Breaststroke Winner (Youth 16-24) Mombasa Mombasa
88 M Breaststroke Runner-ups (Seniors 25+) Dar es Salaam Mombasa


Swimming-88 M Backstroke


Runners Up

88 M Backstroke Winner
(Juniors 11-15)
Arusha Dar es Salaam
88 M Backstroke Winner
(Youth 16-24)
Mombasa Dar es Salaam
88 M Backstroke Winner (Seniors 25+) Dar es Salaam Dar es Salaam




Runners Up

Medley Winners (Juniors 11-15) Mombasa Arusha
Medley Winners (Youth 16-24) Mombasa Dar es Salaam
Medley Winners (Seniors 25+) Dar es Salaam Mombasa


Other Awards

Best Team Attitude Arusha
Best Team Spirit Dar es Salaam
Player of the Tournament Zainab Karim – Mombasa
Most Fun Loving Player Malika A. Lalji – Arusha


The Secretariat wishes to record its profound appreciation to the KSI Jamaat of Dar-es-Salaam for hosting the Festival, the Organizing Committee for the superb arrangements, the Sports Council of the Africa Federation, sponsorers and all the participants from the above mentioned Jamaats

There were a total of 240 participants, including players, team managers/officials, and a few young children too. The participating jamaats were: Arusha, Nairobi, Mombasa, Mwanza and Dar es Salaam.

The sports played were: Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Throwball, Football, Netball, Badminton and Scrabble.

Organizing Committee

Mrs. Shakera Kassim Dhanani – Convener

Mrs. Shirin Jeraj – Co-Convener

Mrs. Sarah Jessa  – Secretary

Miss. Zahra Taki Bandali – Treasurer

Mrs. Shamima Bhalloo – Joint Secretary + opening/closing ceremony committee

Mrs. Safiya Shariff – Sports Co-ordinator

Mrs. Zamena Merali  – Joint sports coordinator

Mrs. Fatima Sameer – opening/closing ceremony committee

Mrs. Zahra Karmali – Committee member

Mrs. Fatema Karmali – Committee member


This committee was formed in November 2013. Meetings were held twice a month initially and as the event drew nearer, the meetings were more frequent.

The committee members were delegated their own departments and they met accordingly.

The results achieved were way beyond our expectations. Much was learned.

dlf 1


Arusha Tigerz –a team of 31 participants, arrived on April 16th. In high spirit and were all very pleasant individuals. The team manager Mrs. Sukaina Shahid was the best overall.

dlf 4    dlf 5


Mombasa Marines- a team of 51 participants (registered till the time of arrival as 58) arrived on April 16th. Disappointed to learn about Dar es Salaam having being granted two teams. The team manager Mrs. Nasreen Khatau was made to understand over time that this was a decision not taken by the Organizing Committee. As the weekend flowed through, everyone got along fine and with great spirit.

dlf 8   dlf 9

Mwanza Orion Belt- a team of 3 participants, arrived on April 17th. They were optimistic and friendly. The team manager was Mrs. Samiha Khimji.

dlf 10

Nairobi Panthers- a team of 38 participants, arrived on April 17th.  The team manager was Mrs. Zainab Nanji.

dlf 6    dlf 7

Dar United – a team of 108 participants. Checked in to Tanzanite Suites on April 17th(aside from a few participants that weren’t able to stay at the accommodation for various reasons). Enthusiastic and excited participants, who cooperated very well during the time of the Festival. Always assisting in accommodating the guest teams. The team manager was Mrs. Saeeda Jaffer.

dlf 2   dlf3


April 18th: the games began. There was some confusion regarding the fixtures. Aside from Swimming, the other 7 sports were played simultaneously throughout the day until 8pm.

April 19th: this morning began with the swimming Gala that was the highlight of the day. At the same time the Badminton tournament was being played at Anadil Burhani.

There were a lot of disappointments by the other teams when they came to know about Dar es Salaam being allowed an extra team, especially in Badminton in the youth category. Due to having this extra pair, we were forced to amend the badminton by laws, which the other teams did not approve of.

In order to accommodate them, we cancelled the whole tournament, which had already been played the day before, and started fresh.

The rest of the day the games carried on.

April 20th: the remaining games and the finals were played, until 4pm.

For each sport, professional referees were hired from outside the community. Mostly all the teams participated in all the sports, however, Arusha did not have a football team and Mwanza participated in Senior Badminton, scrabble and junior swimming.

All sports were played on Robin round basis and Scrabble was played on a knock out basis. All International bylaws were followed and referred to from the previous festival bylaws too.

Accommodation and Logistics.

Accommodation was arranged for all the participants at the Tanzanite Suites, mostly in two and three bedroom apartments where the girls would have ample of space and comfort. Here, they were provided with bed and breakfast and laundry services. A welcome hamper was placed in each apartment with snacks, milk, water and cereals.

All other meals and refreshments had been arranged on the ground.

Airport pickups for all participants were arranged accompanied by two to three committee/ executive members of the Organizing Committee and one member of the Task Force Ladies team.

Buses had been hired from 3 different sources of members of our community.

The Debating Society Boys team of 10 assisted in setup, transport schedule and arrangements. Making sure participants got to the grounds on time and safe, medical emergencies and all other miscellaneous errands.

Medical/First Aid facilities had been arranged on the grounds with TIBA and Ebrahim Haji Hospital. There was an Ambulance on standby.

Medical emergency insurance by Metropolitan Insurance had been organized, for the unfortunate injuries on ground.

Ultimate Security provided security and ambulance services at grounds.


The Opening Ceremony took place at The Diamond Jubilee Hall on April 17th 2014 at 7:30pm, which was a very grand event. At the entrance, mocktails were served and there was a photo booth for anyone who wanted to take pictures.

The event kicked off with a parade in unity of each team, recitation of the Holy Quran, the National Anthem, Dua e Wahda and a moment of silence for the tragic accident that happened last year and the lives that were lost.

Starters were then served and the program carried on with the MC taking us through the rest of the program, which consisted of speeches given by the KSIJ Vice Chairman’s wife Mrs. Munira Azim Dewji, Miss Faiza Somji daughter of AFED Sports council chairman Mr. Mahmood Somji and convener of Ladies Sports Festival Organizing committee Mrs. Shakera Kassim Dhanani.

Followed were small skits/performances prepared by each team, a few games with prizes, a surprise item on women empowering women and a cake cutting with all the Team managers. The event ended with dinner catered by Bali’s Restaurant, pictures and plenty of socializing where everyone got an opportunity to meet.

On the night of April 18thDinner at Haandi Restaurant had been arranged as an outing for the participants. Everyone was returned to the Hotel by 10:30pm.

The Closing Ceremony took place on April 20th at 4pm at The Diamond Jubilee Indoor Hall. As the final games wrapped up, the guests were served teatime food consisting of Indian and Tanzanian delicacies.

The award ceremony took place starting with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Speeches were made by the Co-Convener Mrs. Shirin Jeraj (vote of thanks), Mrs. Sukaina Mahmood Somji on behalf of the AFED Sports Council Chairman, and a speech by the chairlady of KSIJ Mrs. Naseem Hameer. Finally, the awaited moment – the trophies and awards.

The Festival ended with many hugs, new friends made and much appreciation.

Our motto for this festival was unity and to give all players the opportunity to play all their chosen games, regardless of the time constraint as well as the challenges created by the participating jamaats. In order to avoid disqualifying anyone, we kept on changing schedules to accommodate everyone. We were successful, alhumdulillah.

Learning Points

Fixtures should be done professionally and a cutoff date for participant list should be stuck to, to avoid last minute changes.

More reliable home caterers should be selected and different ones should given a chance on each day.

Participants should be allowed to play a maximum of only two sports during the festival, to avoid disappointments.

Acknowledgements and Thanks to

The volunteers, who helped us day and night during the festival.

The Debating Society Boys, who assisted us with all setup, escorts, transport schedules, and medical emergencies throughout with a smile on their face.

TIBA CEO and staff for providing their services at the ground.

The Task Force, who were there day and night for the safety of the ladies.

AFED and AFED Sports Council Mr. Mahmood Somji for his endless support and assistance from the very beginning.

Summary / Conclusion

AS-SALAAM Ladies Sports Festival in Dar es Salaam was all about unity and sportsmanship.

We are honored that we made a mark in the history of Dar es Salaam. We want to thank KSIJ for giving us the opportunity to organize such a prestigious event. All the participants and guests went home happy either by winning an award or just by making a new friend.

From start to finish the women in our community made this Festival possible. Organizing, coaching, training, participating, upbringing, cheering, presenting and closing.

To sum it up, organizing the Ladies Sports Festival was a wonderful and rewarding experience. A lot was learned, many new warm relationships were developed with so many different people within our community and others.

In which, regardless of the challenges, we came through with amazing responses and results to a successful Ladies Sports Festival 2014.