Eid ul Adha Message from the Chairman………

Salaam Alaikum

On behalf of my Management Committee and the Trustees, I would like to wish you all and your families a happy EID MUBARAK.

Once every year, a call is echoed all over the world, for the pilgrims to make that journey towards Mecca. Nearly 3 million people respond to it, bound by faith and the enduring spirit of Islam. That is, Oneness of God, Tolerance, Unity sacrifice and Equality Performing the Hajj together, cements the idea of belonging to a movement, a religion, a community or an organization. It unifies the body, mind and soul, all at the same moment in time. What could be a more powerful symbol of Unity?

This year, about 220 of our Jamaat members have participated in this year’s hajj and we pray that, all of our brothers and sisters return home safely and all their prayers are accepted. Ameen.

At this juncture, let us not forget our marhumeens who are no longer with us. May I request a Sura Fateha.

A wise and a learned religious scholar, perhaps a priest or a religious leader, was once asked by an inquisitive and a challenging student to respond to some deep queries he had about the Nature of Creation.

What asked this young man to this old Wise man is the OLDEST of all things. The wise patient man said “God because he has always existed”.

Then the young man persevered and said, what the most BEAUTIFUL of all things?  Then the old man replied “THE UNIVERSE, because it’s the work of God”.

Then the young man asked, tell me old man. What is the most CONSTANT of all things? The old man replied “HOPE: Because it remains with man long after he has lost everything else”.

Then the young man thought, that he was on a roll here, so he kept on going, tell me old man what is QUICKEST of all things, and the old wise man replied, “THOUGHT: because in an instant it can travel from one end of the Universe to another”.

And what asked the young man is the STRONGEST of all things and the wise man replied “Necessity: because it allows man to face all dangers in life”.

And then the young man paused for a while and thought about this for a moment, and then decided to go for one more question and he asked the old man.

What then is the EASIEST of all things the old wise men looked at him and said? ‘To Give Advise”.

I am not sure whether I will be able to give advise to this enlightened audience. But today I would like to share some of my thoughts.

I am sure we as a community have the resources and ability to reach great heights.

We have a fantastic mix of beliefsand knowledge that sets us apart from any other communities. I also know that our potential has gone untapped because we have become docile and lost our drive that our forefathers had.

I believe we can dream and achieve anything that empowers us to have a good life, health, education and freedom to pursue our goals. We also know that Generation has given their best to make the life of their off springs better. There is nothing mysterious or hidden about this hard work and effort.

There is no alternative to hard work and effort. And yet we fail to follow this winning tract.

We have become negative, and even given up dreaming. I know things are tough and may get worse, but I have Hope, a constant of all things that with combined effort and hard work, we will inshallah get through.

But we also know that the model of the Bohora community or the Ismailia community, to some of our challenges can not work for us .We need to find our own solutions. Instead of looking outside, we need to look within ourselves to find a way forward

Historically when we look at communities that have progressed, we notice that they have 3 things in common

  • Collective pride in their achievements
  • Unity and
  • Ability to work together

On this day of Eid, Let us appreciate and be proud of our institution that have given us a sense of belonging, It is through these institution that we have been able to provide over the years; Education, Medical, Sports and Social Structure to cater for our needs.

Its only when, we loose one of the services of the institution that we realize and appreciate the importance of Jamaat services .Ebrahim haji is a prime example Before a lot of our members were negative on the services we provided. Since the closure, I have so many calls about how convenient and good the hospital was.

I have full faith in this community.What we lack is a vision and the drive.

Vision 2025,   is it difficult? We have the best infrastructure in the Khoja community. Can we not have a vision?

Housing: Is it not possible for us to ensure that each and every family has a house on ownership? We have started on this road and have managed to house about 100 families. Is not possible to achieve our objectives in housing?

Education: Is it not possible for each and every child in our community being able to acquire higher level qualification? Is it difficult?

Hospital: Can we not have the best hospital so that we not only avoid treatment in India, but also offer services to our community within Africa to come and get treatment here in Dar es Salaam. Is this difficult?

Do we not have enough doctors to train them so that they specialize and offer their services in our hospitals? Is this not possible by 2025?

 Howza: Under our Shk. Alidina and his team, is it not possible for our student to be trained to give Islamic lectures, throughout the world. Lectures that can equip us to deal with challenges of the modern world? Is this difficult?

 Madressa: Can we not have the best knowledge parted to our Children, so that we have a pool of good character and honest community members, and be an asset to the community? Is it difficult?

 Poverty: Can we as a community, not eradicate poverty. We have done wonderful work in this area, and I’m sure we can, if we work together. Is it not possible?

Entrepreneurs: Can we not create more business people in our community so that we not only improve our standard of living, but also give more to the community? Is this difficult?

All this is possible, by the year 2025.

But we need to be disciplined as a community. Respect our community and our environment.  All great nations have achieved a lot through their discipline culture Likewise, we should also maintain our discipline.

The rules and regulation within our complex should be respected. Children during prayers should be praying inside the mosque and not play in the compound.

People smoking should realize that we have made the complex smoke free and we need their support.

Martin Luther King had a dream and a vision, that one day a black and white child will walk hand In hand in the streets of America. Well the people went further and America has a black President Today.

President J F Kennedy had a dream and a vision that American will be the first country to send a man to the moon.  In 1969, Neil Armstrong was the first American to step on the moon. The world could not conceive this concept in early 1960 when he spoke about it.

The point is that unless we have a vision, which may seen difficult now, but with focus , hard work , and unity we as a community can achieve all the goals we have set above. We have the talent and the resources.

I have one piece of Advise for this community: For Youths; Participate in the community.  Parents, educate your kids and spend quality time with them. Elders share your experiences and guide us.

Then young student had one last question for the old wise men; What then is the most difficult of all things?The old wise men pondered for a moment and then said “To follow Advise!!”




Shiraz P. Walji
Dar es Salaam Jamaat


On the 5th of October, 2013 the KSIJ Dar in conjunction with the World Federation and Africa Federation had organized a training session at the Men’s Imambargah to assist our volunteers, the JAMSA students and medical staff, on how to use the AED in the event of an emergency.

AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is a portable device that checks the heart rhythm. If needed, it can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The World Federation donated not only 1 AED unit to the KSI Jamaat but also organized Dr. Mohamed Peera of Toronto, Canada (originally from Dar-es-salaam) to conduct a demonstration on using the AED unit as well as provide other training to those interested for emergency first aid chest compression and airway (CPR), Dr. Peera brought along a mannequin donated by WF with him for demonstration.

The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. After which Dr. Peera was welcomed to enlighten us more on the AED unit. He explained to us on the how to use the machine step by step by physically demonstrating it for us on the mannequin.  A number of questions were asked by the audience present and were also given the opportunity to try demonstrating it. Overall, the program was a huge success with participants acquiring practical knowledge and a sense of accomplishment in serving the community in the future. A list of these participants will be posted along with their duties to be on call during our functions at the mosque and the Mehfil.

Our President, Shiraz P. Walji was also present and he expressed his gratitude to  Dr. Peera for coming here and educating us more on the this gadget, that will help us make a difference when in time of an emergency.

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Graveyard Rehabilitation Project Fund

The Dar-es-salaam Jamaat embarked upon an ambitious project of rehabilitating the kabrastaan which is in existence for over 100 years. The project envisions standardized mold for all graves and grave plaques. This will create a lot of space and organization to the graveyard which today has an unkempt appearance.

At the completion of the project, we should be able to have pathways to a lot of deep corners of the grave yard that will ease members’ visitation to these graves. Besides the ease, access for members with wheel chairs will be facilitated to a large portion of the kabrastaan. And of course, the overall appearance of this center will be greatly improved.

As Muslims, our graveyards are frequently visited with a lot of majlis arranged on a regular basis. We are blessed to have this facility in the City Centre and our phenomenal attendance is an encouraging sign to make this facility as accessible and convenient as possible. This kabrastaan was donated to the community by the Abdulrasul Satchoo Peera family in 1907.

However, every improvement has a cost attached to it. Each grave costs 55,000/- to be rehabilitated plus an additional 25,000/- for the standardized grave plaque. This is an excellent opportunity to earn sawab-e-jaariyah for your marhumins. Jamaat is appealing to every member to at least donate for their marhumins cost of rehabilitating these graves. We have had generous donors who have donated substantial amounts. The total collected so far is 36M Tshs. and approximately 900 graves have been rehabilitated. We still have 1600 graves to rehabilitate. Needless to remind, it is a duty of every member to participate in this funding

Strategic pay points will be available in the Masjid and Mehfils during the upcoming auspicious nights and into Muharam to facilitate your generous donations. Jamaat office is always available to accept funds also. Please do the needful and a request for sure fateha for all marhumins.







The opening of the Hayaat gym bathroom took place on the 28th of September, 2013. This essential project to enhance the facilities of the HFC started about 4 months back by our assigned contractors “Super Construction”.

The ceremony was facilitated by the presence of our President Alhajj Shiraz P Walji who was joined by a few other members namely Alhajj Muslim Meghji – managing committee member who was in charge of the construction, Mr. Abbas Jessa – Trustees and the donor of all the fittings in the bathroom, Mr. Shane Abbas Jessa – Chairman of the Youth Affairs committee as well as member of the managing committee, Masuma Bai Dhanji – board member of the youth affairs  committee, Jayesh Bhai of Super Construction, Mr.Zahir Somji – Director of operations of the Jamaat, and Mr. Aliabbas Nasser – Acting manager of the gym.

The presence of Alhajj Anwer Bhai Dharamsi – Chairman of Africa Federation was missed by all those present, as he was the principal donor for this project.

The Hayaat Fitness Center with all state of the art facilities is an outstanding option for all Jamaat members especially the Women who have been facilitated with private/ restricted membership to the gym.

At the opening, Shiraz Bhai Walji reiterated his support for health consciousness within the community. It is during his term that we facilitated the gym and the swimming pool. Shiraz Bhai is now focusing on the yet to be constructed recreational facilities at the AL-MIS grounds.

Abbas Bhai Jessa said “we are fortunate to have the leadership with such innovative and progressive outlook. These are the kind of facilities that will kick start our youths into an active and healthy lifestyle.”

The opening of these state of the art bathroom facilities now eliminates all excuses for those who don’t work out regularly and have a sedentary lifestyle. All members of the community are urged to utilize these facilities that are located in the city center with subsidized admission rates and top of the line equipment with in-house aerobics, stretching and weight lifting instructors around the clock.


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