Dear Members of the community,

The Plaque Project will Inshallah restart from January 2016 and is planned to complete by December 2016.

The Committee incharge for the Project is:

Br. Muslim Meghji (Head)

Br. Imtiyaz Abbas (Mayyit Committee)

Br. Muntazir Aziz (Mukhi and Kabrastan Committee Head)

Br. Firoz Bandali (Kabrastan Committee Secretary)

Br. Mushtaq Damji (Former Mukhi and Kabrastan Committee Head)


The Secretariat will be re-posting the names of the Marhumeen on the notice board at the Mosque compound in both Gents and Ladies side as well as at the Kabrastan zone-wise.

We will be keeping 100 names for a week. Thereafter the first batch will be produced while the next 100 names will be displayed and so on.

Please make sure the names and the dates of your Marhumeen is written correctly as this will be the final list before production.

For any changes or other info, please contact Br. Sajjad Moledina (Mobile: 0715 978 473) at the Jamaat office.


For your reference here below is the first batch list:

Ser No.Name BornDied
1Mohamed M. Jandatoo18.MAY.1978.
2Shirinbai H. Manji193414.JUL.2012.
3Habib Abdalla BhalooJUL 1970.
4Akbarali M. R. Alidina
5Ramzan Esmail Rawji17.FEB.1969
6Hussein Esmail Rawji30.APR.2005.
7Muslim Rajbali Jaffer06.APR.1931.12.APR.1968.
8Fatmabai Jaffer Hassanali12.DEC.1969.
9Mohamed Hussein Sherali31.OCT.1941.16.JUL.2005.
10Rajabali Dharsi190420.DEC.1969.
11Jenabai Rajabali Dharsi190922.MAY.1993.
12Mohamedhusein G. Dhalla19141967
13Sughrabai Kanji Damani193021.APR.2005.
14Khatijabai Mohammed Hussein J. Ghanji15.JUN.2004.
15Raziyabai Mohamed Rashid d/o Nazerali Merali15.DEC.2008.
16Shambulibai Gulamhusein Walji18.SEP.1912.04.OCT.1984.
18Gulam Husein Walji190124.JUL.1982.
19Fatmabai Gulamhussein Walji08.SEP.1950.25.OCT.1970.
20Khatijabai Gulamhussein Hasham192827.AUG.2010.
21Fatmabai K. Parpia06.JAN.1987.
22Mohamed Taki Remtulla A. Tejani17.JAN.1970.
23Yasminbai Ali Jaffer Boga194827.SEP.1989.
24Haji Ali Jaffer Boga189916.JAN.1969.
25Mohamedali Habib Karani10.JUN.1991.
26Khairoonbai Mohamedali Habib05.JUN.2010.
27Habib Gulamhussein Karani31.MAY.1967.
28Mohamed Hussein Giga24.JUL.1970.
29Shiraz Hamza Moledina25.JUL.2005.
30Hussein Ali Teja190230.OCT.1967.
31Akber Hussein Ali Teja01.NOV.1938.22.AUG.2006.
32Sherbanoobai H. R. Teja191026.MAR.1994.
33Gulamali Mawji Rawji (Jamnagarwala)28.DEC.1964.
34Zainabbai Jawad Aziz192318.NOV.1989.
35Jawad Aziz190628.MAY.1971.
36Sadiq Mohamedali Habib01.JUN.2009.
37Lailabai Mohammedali Gulamali
38Gulamali Saleh Jacksi29.DEC.1987.
39Zainabbai Saleh Jacksi1970
40Mohammed Saleh Jacksi14.MAY.1970.
41Mohamedraza Sajjad Panju14.FEB.1988.16.OCT.2010.
42Abdulaziz Najafali15.MAR.2008.
43Zainabbai Mohamedtaki R. A. Tejani10.NOV.1981.
44Raziyabai Ali Remtulla09.JUN.1969.
45Khatijabai Mohamed Abdulla Nasser d/o Habib Gulamhussein Karani10.JAN.2011.
46Kulsumbai Kassam Ghanji193020.NOV.2005.
47HajiBhai Juma JethbhaiMAR.1966.
48M. P. Haji191501.DEC.1986.
49Bashir M. S. Dhirani19501966
50Sherbanubai Jafferali Dhanji1980
51Jafferali Jadavji Dhanji1971
53Gulam Raza Mohamed Taqi Versi09.MAR.1987.
54Abdulhussein N. M. Jetha (Bujumbura)14.JUL.1993.09.NOV.1970.
55Nargisbai Abdulkassam Walji193227.SEP.2010.
56Kassamali Bhimji30.JUL.1969.
57Murtaza G. K. Bhimji09.MAR.1989.
59Sakinabai Mohamed Janmoh'd Datoo
60Amirali Abdulrasul Janmoh'd Datoo21.JUL.1973.
61Gulamabbas Amirali Abdulrasul05.MAY.1947.28.JAN.2012.
62Rehmatbai Abdulrasul M. Sheriff08.SEP.1971.
63Mubaraka Gulamali Fazal
64Hussein A. M. Sheriff15.JAN.1971.
65Ahmed H. Sheriff15.MAY.1936.28.FEB.2003.
66Rubabbai H. Sheriff07.JAN.1997.
67Kassamali Gulamhussein Remtulla (Kigoma Walla)01.JAN.1934.05.JUN.1987.
68Fatmabai Fazal Gulamhussein191423.FEB.2006.
69Fatmabai Mohamed (Bilemi)12.MAR.1926.27.MAR.2002.
70Arif Rasul Shamji02.APR.197823.OCT.1990.
71Mohamedhussein J. Lakha15.DEC.1921.28.JUL.1971.
72Marziyabai Mohamed Juma Lakha26.JUL.2013.
73Abdulla Sajan12.FEB.1971.
74Fatmabai Abdulla Sajan05.SEP.1990.
75Mulla Gulamhussein F. K. Chandoo04.FEB.1971.
76Sakinabai Ahmed Sheriff (Bawla)18.JUL.1988.
78Jaffer A. Rahim19111970
79Makbool Gulamhussein Saleh23.JUN.201O
80Hassanali Visram Nanji04.SEP.1971.
81Mohamed Visram Nanji (Mulla Hong kong)08.NOV.1996.
82Bashir Hassanali Visram Nanji (Bashir Bapa)193516.SEP.2011.
83Mehrunnisabai Mohamedali Rashid d/o Gulamali Jadavji13.JUN.1953.17.JAN.2013.
84Alidina M. Pardhan17.FEB.1938.14.NOV.1999.
85Abdulhussein Abdallah Kassam
86Ruksanabai Mustafa Mohamedhusein Kanani (Mombasa)06.APR.1963.12.JAN.1998.
87Gulamhusein Pirmohamed18.FEB.1971.
88Nargisbai Champsi02.DEC.1971
89Nurmohammed Dossa21. NOV.1971.
90Naeem Akhter G. Esmail21.JUN.1952.20.MAR.2008.
91Ahmed Kassamali Shivji12.MAR.1986.
92Nurbanubai Gulamhussein Abdullah Sumar19181971
93Mehdi G. A. Sumar (Abbasi Cold Drink house)31.OCT.1938.15.MAY.2008.
95Aminabai Suleman Alarakhia19291989
96Gulamhussein Dharamsi26.MAY.1978.
97Masumabai Mohamed Abbas Dawood26.AUG.1959.22.APR.2012.
98Kulsumbai M. Sumar14.OCT.1990.
99Sughrabai Abdulrahim Mussa Jaffer30.JUL.2010.
100Khatijabai Noor Mohamed Ramji



Student of the Year 2014

The President of Dar es Salaam Jamaat, AlHajj Azim Dewji presenting the BEST STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2014 to Br. TAHA SHAKIL DHARAMSI in the BOYS category on the auspicious night of the wiladat of our 8th Imam Ali al-Ridha (AS)

The Runner-up in the same category was Br. MOHAMED NASIR PANJWANI, presented by the President of Dar es Salaam Jamaat, AlHajj Azim Dewji.

Just behind the President is Br. Hussein Peera, the Chairman of Higher Education Board, who was conducting the Presentation.


In the GIRLS category, Sis. FATEMAH NAWSHAD HASSANALI was selected as the BEST STUDENT and Sis. FATEMA HAIDER RAJPAR was the Runner-up while Sis. SAYYEDA DHARSEE was recognized as the Second Runner-up.

Congratulations to all the proud parents of the FIVE winners from Dar es Salaam.


Dar Es Salaam Volunteers Recognized


On the 29th night of Mahe Mubarak Ramadhan, the Dar es Salaam Managing Committee recognized all the volunteers of different fields for their sincere service to the community.

Here below is group of young boys of the MOHR SERVICE team headed by Br. Imtiyaz Abbas being awarded by the Vice President, AlHaj Dr. Jaffer Dharsee.


Br. Mohamedabbas Rawji, chairman of Tabligh Sub-Committee receiving award on behalf of the team by Br. Mohamedtaqi Rajwani, a long serving member of the Jamaat, currently in the Board of Trustees.IMG-20150724-WA0013

Br. Mohamed Chandoo, the chairman of IUVC and Br. Rizwan Shivji were awarded on behalf of their team.IMG-20150724-WA0019

Br. Shiraz Visram, the chairman of Task Force, recognized on behalf of the security team. He was awarded by the former Hon. Secretary of Jamaat, Br. Zulfikar Chandoo.


Br. Sajjad Rahim honored on behalf of Mehfil Asghari committee by the President of the Jamaat.IMG-20150724-WA0032

Br. Fayaz Mohamedtaqi, chairman of Central Medical Board, receives an award on behalf of the medical team by the Vice President, Dr. Jaffer Dharsee.IMG-20150724-WA0034

Br. Talib Shariff awarded by the President on behalf of Marriage Support Group.IMG-20150724-WA0035

Br. Riyaz Bhojani recognized on behalf of Marriage Reconciliation Team by the Vice President.IMG-20150724-WA0036

Br. Shabbir Moledina and Br. Nadeem Khimji awarded on behalf of the Taabut committee.IMG-20150724-WA0038

Br. Hozaiph Bhalloo honored on behalf of the Mosque committee by the President of the Africa Federation, AlHaj Anwerali Dharamsi.IMG-20150724-WA0040

Br. Aunali Dhalla awarded on behalf of the Kabrastan committee by the Chairman of Africa Federation.IMG-20150724-WA0043

May the Almighty reward all those who serve this community abundantly !!!



By the grace of almighty and with the help of our beloved Imams (as) the Shabih committee is now introducing decorations on all the wiladat occasions in Gents Imambarghah by the head of the committees help Br.Shabbir Moledina and sponsored by the wedding parties

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