Dar Es Salaam Volunteers Recognized


On the 29th night of Mahe Mubarak Ramadhan, the Dar es Salaam Managing Committee recognized all the volunteers of different fields for their sincere service to the community.

Here below is group of young boys of the MOHR SERVICE team headed by Br. Imtiyaz Abbas being awarded by the Vice President, AlHaj Dr. Jaffer Dharsee.


Br. Mohamedabbas Rawji, chairman of Tabligh Sub-Committee receiving award on behalf of the team by Br. Mohamedtaqi Rajwani, a long serving member of the Jamaat, currently in the Board of Trustees.IMG-20150724-WA0013

Br. Mohamed Chandoo, the chairman of IUVC and Br. Rizwan Shivji were awarded on behalf of their team.IMG-20150724-WA0019

Br. Shiraz Visram, the chairman of Task Force, recognized on behalf of the security team. He was awarded by the former Hon. Secretary of Jamaat, Br. Zulfikar Chandoo.


Br. Sajjad Rahim honored on behalf of Mehfil Asghari committee by the President of the Jamaat.IMG-20150724-WA0032

Br. Fayaz Mohamedtaqi, chairman of Central Medical Board, receives an award on behalf of the medical team by the Vice President, Dr. Jaffer Dharsee.IMG-20150724-WA0034

Br. Talib Shariff awarded by the President on behalf of Marriage Support Group.IMG-20150724-WA0035

Br. Riyaz Bhojani recognized on behalf of Marriage Reconciliation Team by the Vice President.IMG-20150724-WA0036

Br. Shabbir Moledina and Br. Nadeem Khimji awarded on behalf of the Taabut committee.IMG-20150724-WA0038

Br. Hozaiph Bhalloo honored on behalf of the Mosque committee by the President of the Africa Federation, AlHaj Anwerali Dharamsi.IMG-20150724-WA0040

Br. Aunali Dhalla awarded on behalf of the Kabrastan committee by the Chairman of Africa Federation.IMG-20150724-WA0043

May the Almighty reward all those who serve this community abundantly !!!



By the grace of almighty and with the help of our beloved Imams (as) the Shabih committee is now introducing decorations on all the wiladat occasions in Gents Imambarghah by the head of the committees help Br.Shabbir Moledina and sponsored by the wedding parties

Visit at Pakistan Embassy for condolence

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KSIJ Dar along with AFED visits Pakistan Envoy to convey condolences for the brutal massacre of school children in Peshawar, Pakistan.

On Tuesday 23rd December 2014 the Secretary General of Africa Federation, Aunali bhai Khalfan, the CEO of UBL Sajjad bhai Balouch and the Director of Operations of Dar es Salaam Jamaat Zahir bhai Somji paid a visit to the Pakistan Ambassador, Mr. Muhammad Iqbal to convey condolences on behalf of all the institutions regarding the brutal attack on the school in Peshawar, Pakistan.

The delegation met and exchanged letters and discussed the dire situation of Muslims in today’s world. The entire delegation signed the visitors’ book and also met the counselor for the visas section Mr. Mohammed Emran and discussed other matters.

Below are the pictures of a very fruitful visit.


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